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Шаблон:Harvard citation

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{{Harvard citation |''Last name of author(s)''|''Year''| ''Location in the text''}}

Instead of using Location, you may also use one of the following parameters:

  • p = page
  • pp = pages
  • The abbreviation Harv may be used.
  • The first parameter is the author’s last name.
  • Up to four authors can be given as parameters (see the examples). If there are more than 4 authors only the first 4 should be listed; listing more will cause odd things to happen.
  • The second parameter is the year of publication (assuming one author).
  • The year and author name(s) must not have extra space before and after, else the generated links will not work. (BUG)
  • The third parameter is the location of the cited material within the reference. This parameter is optional.
  • The parameter p is an optional page parameter; thus «{{Harv|Smith|2006| p=25}}» yields «(Smith 2006, p. 25)».
  • The parameter pp is an optional page range parameter; thus «{{Harv|Smith|2006| pp=25–26}}» yields «(Smith 2006, pp. 25–26)».
  • If Ref=none, then no hyperlink is created.
  • To avoid the brackets surrounding the citation, use {{Harvard citation no brackets}} or {{Harvnb}}.
  • To use the author name(s) in the text, use {{Harvard citation text}} or {{Harvtxt}}.
  • For more complicated Harvard citations with multiple links use {{Harvard citations}} or its abbreviation {{harvs}}.

Editors editing this template are requested to make parallel changes to the other versions.


Markup Result
{{Harv |Smith|2006| loc=§8.5}} (Smith 2006, §8.5)
{{Harv |Smith|2006| p=25}} (Smith 2006, p. 25)
{{Harv |Smith|2006| pp=25–26}} (Smith 2006, pp. 25–26)
{{Harv |Smith|2006| pp=25–26 | Ref=none}} (Smith 2006, pp. 25–26)
{{Harv |Smith|Jones|2006| p=25}} (Smith & Jones 2006, p. 25)
{{Harv |Smith|Jones|Brown|2006| p=25}} (Smith, Jones & Brown 2006, p. 25)
{{Harv |Smith|Jones|Brown|Black|2006| p=25}} (Smith et al. 2006, p. 25)
{{Harvnb |Smith|2006| p=25}} Smith 2006, p. 25

Recommended style

The recommended Harvard referencing style potentially uses all three templates. Each automatically generates a hypertext link based on the name(s) and date. Here is an example

Some works on gravitation are so massive they warp spacetime themselves {{Harv|Misner|Thorne|Wheeler|1973}}; yet {{tlp|Harvtxt|Einstein|1915}} presented essential equations with notable brevity. The essential ingredients are the curvature tensor and the stress-energy tensor ({{Harvnb|Einstein|1915|loc=p. 844}}; {{Harvnb|Misner|Thorne|Wheeler|1973|loc=p. 41}}).
Some works on gravitation are so massive they warp spacetime themselves (Misner, Thorne & Wheeler 1973); yet {{Harvtxt|Einstein|1915}} presented essential equations with notable brevity. The two ingredients are the curvature tensor and the stress-energy tensor (Einstein 1915, p. 844; Misner, Thorne & Wheeler 1973, p. 41).

In short:

  1. For a single work with no author in the text (the most common case), use {{Harv}}.
  2. For a single work with the author named in the text, use {{Harvtxt}}.
  3. For multiple works at the same point, use explicit parentheses and {{Harvnb}} separated by semicolons.


More exotic Harvard citations can be constructed using #CITEREF as in the following example:

[[Property (T)]] was introduced by [[David Kazhdan]] ([[Property T#CITEREFKazhdan1967|1967]]).

which produces

Property (T) was introduced by David Kazhdan (1967)

with a link to the author, and a link to a citation on a different page. #CITEREF should be followed by the last names of up to 4 authors and the year (with no spaces), and if the link is to a different page it should be preceded by the name of the page (with spaces allowed). The citation template marks the reference using #CITEREF; see the source of template:citation/core for details.

См. также

  • Use {{Citation}} to format the citations in the References section.